Email Marketing Strategy

To get the most out of your chosen online services and applications, link them with your transactional and marketing emails. Email is the most widely used form of communication with more than 3.9 billion users worldwide.

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy for generating and converting leads. To provide automated, personalized marketing emails with firm promotions and notifications, email marketing companies work with a variety of email service providers. Everything from weekly newsletters and advertising updates to customer survey forms and event invitations can be sent through email marketing.

Our sophisticated email marketing automation and e-commerce services can help you grow your online store:

Email Strategy

Our e-commerce focused email marketing team develops the most effective plan to reach your target market. We offer guidance on ongoing email newsletter services, content planning, promotional ideas and automated marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more about the best email marketing for Shopify and other platforms.

Manage Email Marketing

You need a team to create engaging and captivating email marketing campaigns that alert your audience to the latest special offers and discounts if you want to increase conversions and make money. We develop, implement and test e-commerce campaigns as well as Shopify email marketing programs.

Email Service Provider Migration

You can resume your work quickly after your current campaigns, templates and segmented contacts have been moved to the email service provider of your choice. Our company supports the vast majority of popular e-commerce platforms, including Big Commerce, Shopify and Woo Commerce.

E-mail Automation Techniques

Our Shopify ecommerce and email marketing specialists develop a strategy for using predictive technologies to develop automated workflows and campaigns that promote and expedite future sales. We can automate anything from VIP welcome and re-engagement series to shopping sequences and abandoned cart automation.

Template Design

Komboa Creative's ecommerce email marketing team is made up of talented designers and developers who create unique themes. We are experts in eCommerce marketing best practices and Shopify email marketing strategies. In addition, we design layouts that engage viewers and increase conversions.