Pay Per Click Management

To increase your company's sales, Komboa Creative, a leading PPC management company, uses paid search. Our technologically advanced PPC services can help you achieve your goals, measure and maximize your PPC ROI, whether you want to increase leads, website traffic or both.

Social Media Ads With a customized social media advertising plan, advertise on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

With our PPC management services, unlock your PPC performance.

With Komboa Creative's PPC services, your company can access two powerful advertising forces:

Knowledge and data.

Your company can launch smarter campaigns sooner and generate money faster thanks to our experienced team of marketing experts and the millions of data points that power Marketing Komboa.

The combined strength of this dynamic combination has already resulted in a 20% improvement in PPC success for our clients.

Access to Marketing Komboa grants access to billions of data points, as well as to: 

Your pay-per-click management service is also customized for your business, including your goals and industry.

You will receive the latest in advertising technologies to help you target a specific market for all campaigns managed by Komboa Creative. Our campaigns make use of Google's extensive PPC network, text and banner retargeting to push previous visitors towards conversion, Google customer matching and audience matching to narrow your target audience and more.

Get a free PPC audit from our expert staff to find out how to make your ad campaigns and approach more effective.

Use this PPC service to target previous website visitors with relevant ads that encourage them to call, visit or make a purchase.

Use Facebook advertising to its full potential by creating a campaign that drives brand awareness, Likes, followers and other factors.

Target conferences, competitor locations and more with geofence-based custom remarketing audiences.

With this PPC service that promotes store visits, phone calls and transactions, you can use location to target people in your target audience.