Your Marketing Partner

With end-to-end digital marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation, Komboa Creative is the first all-in-one digital marketing platform that enables B2B and B2C companies, e-commerce vendors and agencies to develop customer relationships.

Komboa Creative's all-in-one suite is customized to meet the specific marketing needs of growing SMBs operating in competitive markets, unlike other marketing solutions designed for enterprise-level resources and expertise.

Founded in 2020 with the goal of granting access to the most efficient marketing channels to all businesses. With locations in North America and a headquarters in Mexico City, Komboa Creative's more than 100 staff members serve more than 20,000 active users in 50 different countries.


Komboa Creative is an adaptable, open source business solution created for Internet marketing. The company was founded in 2020 and in 2021 chose to focus solely on e-commerce.

Today, Komboa Creative provides small and medium sized businesses with the tools they need to create the exact type of company they want and advertise online. Our reputation as a fully remote corporation lives on.

Komboa Creative's goal is to increase sales for businesses at all stages of development, from small start-ups to large corporations. Komboa Creative, one of the leading e-commerce marketing companies, enables retailers to create, invent and expand their businesses online.Simply put, we strive to be the best commerce platform so our clients can focus on what really matters: expanding their businesses.


Komboa Creative collects customer information, making sure they will sell themselves properly, and then gives e-commerce merchants access to that information so they can create personalized omnichannel customer journeys at scale.


We are giving independent businesses the opportunity to stand up and compete rather than be wiped out by offering any online store the same customization and automation capabilities as the larger marketplaces.

We could qualify as a startup, a young technological startup. The new face in e-commerce and the nexus of personalization. Whatever name you choose, there is no doubt that the e-commerce sector is about to undergo a radical change.


We believe that a society shaped by fascinating stories and connected by fascinating regular communications is a smarter, more progressive and resilient world. Therefore, we aim to link the world's most famous brands with their target customers, stakeholders and other businesses. We achieve this goal by using extreme web innovation to provide the best environment for epic storytelling and teamwork for digital publishing. For the creative process to be successful, you must have certain skills, such as listening, planning, presenting and producing, keeping in mind the core values of your organization.

We go to great lengths to produce certain results based on your company's needs, because we understand how important it is to you. You can count on us to generate new concepts and address strategy, system design, digital products and other issues efficiently.

Our Objective

Komboa Creative's goal is to democratize business and give you power over your own financial situation. Because our core platform is open source and free, anyone can sell anything, anywhere.

Our Team


To better serve our consumers, we value creativity, excellence, enthusiasm and selflessness.

Teams are emphasized at Komboa Creative, and we do our best to foster them across disciplinary and international boundaries! The diversity of nationalities of our team reflects the global appeal of our products.

We believe that our multiracial and diversified heritage strengthens us and allows us to better serve our international clientele. Each Komboa Creative office is a distinct environment that artfully reflects the regional cultures, hobbies and interests of the team.

We keep our feet on the ground and our focus locked in by following a set of five guiding principles that apply inside and outside the office.

We prioritize the needs and preferences of the people we serve over those of the people who work there. Customers come first, then clients.

We play to succeed. We behave with firmness and persistence. Nothing we do is half-hearted. With full commitment, both cheeks.

We see startups as crewed ships rather than rockets. Our goal is to achieve "swing," that elusive sense of motion that is almost perfectly synchronized. A crew boat with a squadron.

In our quest to soar higher, we are not afraid to fail. We remain hungry, accept our mistakes and move forward. make a mess. Learn. Move forward. Repeat.

Every person is important to us. We cultivate safe environments where people can be real and different. The community, customers and our team are all interconnected.