Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization Management

Consumers enjoy shopping online and your pay-per-click (PPC) ads can help people find and buy your products. With the help of e-commerce PPC management services, you can use Google and Bing to increase traffic and revenue for your online business.

You need a turnkey solution for e-commerce PPC management. You don't want to switch between organizations and struggle to organize your plans and keep track of your features. Instead, you need a reliable source and provider for your PPC advertising for online stores.

Google Shopping

Use Google Shopping ads to ensure a prominent position in search results.

Your company can advertise your products to customers who are willing to buy them by using these ads.

The planning, development, creation, launch and management of your Google Shopping ads will be handled by your dedicated Komboa Creative account manager. Your dedicated account manager will help you maximize everyone from product purchases to Showcase Shopping ads to increase purchase volume.

Google Advertising

Use Google AdWords to fill as much space as possible in search results.

With a variety of pay-per-click ads, promote your brand and items to achieve goals related to increasing brand awareness and sales, as well as addressing shopping cart abandonment.

Komboa Creative has successfully managed over 650 client campaigns and can help your company succeed.


With MarketingKomboa, you can get immediate updates on your e-commerce PPC performance.

Use this marketing software package to track the return on investment (ROI) and overall effectiveness of your sponsored approach. It includes IBM's machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

MarketingKomboa also offers benefits such as competitor tracking and website customization.

Speak to an expert strategist in person to learn more about the many products that come with our PPC management services for

With the help of our e-commerce PPC services, venture beyond Google with Bing Ads, formerly known as Microsoft Advertising.

With a targeted campaign for this platform, profit from rivals that neglect Bing Ads. With a competitive and targeted campaign for this ad network, you can drive sales, increase brand awareness and win back customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

For the 96% of visitors who will leave your website without making a purchase, take a proactive stance.

Remarketing is a strategy you can employ to promote your business to website visitors who looked at your products. These ads can encourage customers to return and purchase your products from your business (and dedicated account manager).

Using our team's GoDataFeed management, you can further simplify your daily tasks.

So you can focus on processing orders, replenishing inventory and expanding your business, let your expert Komboa Creative account manager take care of monitoring your GoDataFeed. DataFeedWatch is a component of our e-commerce PPC management services.